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The Company's products can be divided into 3 major groups, which are black steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, and furniture steel pipe, proportionately accounted for 49.2%, 31.2% and 0.2% of total sales in 2004 respectively.

Black Steel Pipe
Hot rolled coil is treated to a high-frequency electric resistance welding process which produces either round, square or rectangular steel pipes of a standard 6-meter length. Black steel pipes are widely used in construction and in other industrial projects.

Galvanized steel pipe
Galvanized steel pipe is produced by passing black steel pipe through a hot dip galvanizing process to ensure rust-free protection. Because of their durability, galvanized steel pipes are most often used for water pipelines, air conditioning systems and many other applications. STS galvanized steel pipe is produced in 3 varieties - round, square and rectangular. All in a standard 6-meter length.

Furniture steel pipe
Cold rolled coil is process through a high-frequency electric resistance welding process to produce smooth-surfaced, white furniture steel pipes of different shapes such as circular, oval, semi-oval, square and rectangular.

Blue-painted steel pipe
Steel pipes pre-coated for anti-rust protection by fully automated machines. The finished blue painted steel pipes are resistant to rust, are durable and eye-pleasing. They are suitable for common constructions such as roofs, scaffolds, columns, beams, doors, fences and general decorative installations. We produce round, square and rectangular blue painted steel pipes of standard 6-meter length.
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